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  1. We don’t approve private profiles, make sure you have public profile.
  2. Please understand that we receive many applications daily, so sometimes the application process drags on. Please be patient.
  3. All applicants not approved in the first round will be placed on a waiting list for future consideration.


  1. When you create an account if you get approved it doesn’t mean you can attend any events you applied or reserved ( Management Reserves the rights to choose the profiles for each event ).
  2. If you profile will be selected for the event you receive an invitation with all details on your Instagram .
  3. Your +1 or +2 must be mentioned on form while you apply for event.
  4. Your +1 or +2 Instagram’s must be public profiles, if not your request will be automatically denied .
  5. If you wish to go with your friend please mention her instagram in the form as +1 don’t apply separate.
  6. You are totally responsible about your +1/+2 to post the stories and follow our terms, if they don’t follow our terms you will be suspended
  7. We don’t accept any private profiles, make sure your profile & your guests profiles are public when you apply for any event .
  8. Our Services only for Females, We don’t host Males at all
  9. If you apply for an event we are sending invites as following :
    • Dinner Same day of event morning maximum before 4Pm.
    • Brunch\Pool\Lunch 1 Day in advance.


  1. If you profile will be selected for the event you receive an invitation with all details on your Instagram .
  2. If you see the event marked as full means we have sent all invitations, please apply for another event or another day.
  3. We will not be answering any questions regarding your requests, ex( I reserved for the event when I will receive invitation?/can you send invitation to my friend?…etc)


  1. We require minimum of 3 Stories
  2. Stories must be during the event not after
  3. 1st story must be posted in 1st hour of arrival
  4. Stories must be for ( Ambiance or View  – Food – Entertainment )
  5. Mentions must be somewhere visible with good font size
  6. Mentions can’t be on top-left of the screen or hidden
  7. You must mention the venue instagram (not # or Location)
  8. Stories must stay on your profile 24hrs until it goes automatically, as well you can’t set your profile private until stories gone automatically other than that you will be suspended
  9. Stories have to be nice & Organized
  10. We don’t require Selfie Stories
  11. All terms applies on your guests & you’r responsible about your guests, you have to make sure they posted stories as per terms with the correct mention


  1. If you wish to cancel your reservation (Dinners Only) once you received the invitation must be 4 hours in advance otherwise you will be suspended
  2. Cancelations for Brunch/Pool/Lunch must be 12hrs in advance not same day of event in morning
  3. If you wish to change your +1/+2 you must ask us first, if we give you an approval then you are good to go, otherwise you are not allowed to change or will be suspended
  4. If your +1/+2 canceled anytime you must inform us
  5. Cancelation only through Instagram Chat, There’s no cancelation option on App/Website.

During Event

  1. You are only allowed to be late 15 mins not more otherwise restaurant might refuse your entry .
  2. If you have no invitation Restaurant will refuse your entry ( Screenshots are not accepted ) You must show original invitation on Instagram Chat.
  3. Sitting will be done by restaurant management depends on table availability
  4. You have no rights to argue with Restaurant management for sitting, If Restaurant will report it you will be suspended
  5. Food & Drinks are set-menus agreed between Us & Restaurant will be served to you.
  6. Minimum Stay for each event 3hrs.
  7. Forbidden to inform any guest in restaurant you having complimentary dinner.


  1. If you don’t follow the terms as mentioned above you will be suspended
  2. If you cancel last minute you will be suspended 1 week : 10 Days you will be informed
  3. If you change your +1/+2 without our approval you will be suspend 2 weeks
  4. If no show for the event without cancelation you will be suspend 2/3 Weeks
  5. If you or your guests not posting stories you will be suspend 1 month
  6. If stories will be removed or profile turned to private before 24hrs from last story you will be suspend 1 week : 10 Days you will be informed
  7. If you leave the event before 3hrs as minimum stay you will be suspend 2/3 Weeks
  8. If you will be late for event more than 15mins you will be suspend 1 week : 10 Days you will be informed.