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Crème de la Crème

An influencer marketing agency specialized in hospitality based in Dubai.

Are you a restaurant with dishes that look mesmerizing and fall into the category of #foodporn, then you should probably consider Instagram with aesthetics being the sole reason.

Creme Dubai build a social presence, so that your restaurant becomes a topic of conversation.

What’s one thing the other restaurant probably lacks? What does it take to be an exceptional restaurant?

I believe the answer to these questions is simple: word-of-mouth marketing

What does word-of-mouth look like these days?
Yup, it’s referrals on social media, typically by people you look up to for advice like influencers.

Our Influencers have achieved a large following on social media by posting stories that interest a certain demographic and by remaining authentic to their audience over time.

You may have already heard about this thing called influencer marketing by now and are wondering how you can use it your advantage. Well, that’s exactly what is Creme Dubai platform is here for.

Crème de la Crème 

Crème de la Crème 

Crème de la Crème 

Crème de la Crème 

Crème de la Crème 

Crème de la Crème 

Engage with your audience: increase your sales with the best ROI

In order to optimize your budget, we select influencers who can provide the best return on investment. With audiences spanning 5,000 to 600,000 followers, high engagement levels, and a strong power of persuasion, our influencers can generate traffic at a lower cost than traditional avenues (SEO, AdWords, mailing campaigns…).

Gain the trust of your audience and generate repeat customers with engaging quality content.

Each influencer picked specializes in creating and sharing Food content on Instagram: they share the experience they have visiting your restaurant, display it on their Stories, and highlight what makes it special to their audience to inspire their followers to try it as well.

Being Socially Credible

Social credibility has become mandatory in today’s time since the younger generation prefers to see what people have posted about your restaurant on social media before they decide to visit your restaurant.

More Cost Effective

If you have a stiff budget to follow, then you can get a host of micro-influencers posting on behalf of your restaurant, instead of getting just one or two elephant influencer, who might charge a lot.

User-Generated Content

You might very quickly run out of these images; it is now when your influencer-generated content can be precious. With the influencer’s permission, you can repost the content that they had created before, giving you more content for your page.

Better Targeting

Micro influencers are useful because of their close relationships with their right, loyal, hyper-targeted communities. This category of influencers generally focuses on a narrow spectrum; hence there is a good chance that they are specialized in that area.

Let us help you spread the word about your venue!

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